The Bank's Mission Statement

Housing and Commerce Bank of Eritrea


The mission of the housing and commerce Bank of Eritrea is to be a leader in the Banking Industry of Eritrea by providing a Wide Range, customer – driven banking services through the highest degree of effectiveness, efficiency and professional integrity.


The HCBE envisions to be a Leader in the provision of the quality Banking services in Eritrea.

Core Values

Effectiveness, Efficiency and Professional Integrity are the core vales of the Housing and Commerce Bank of Eritrea.

Core Business Purpose of the Bank

  1. Mobilize local and external financial resources through current, saving and fixed time deposits.
  2. Provide short, medium and long-term real estate loans for construction, acquisition, repair and modification of dwelling houses, buildings, and infrastructure and community facilities.
  3. Provide short term and medium term commercial credit in the form of overdrafts, term loans, letter of credit, letter of guarantee, consumer and other types of loans.
  4. Render speedy domestic and foreign fund transfers.
  5. Finance foreign trade through letters of credit, documentary draft for collections, and other arrangements in accordance with the ICC and other local, regional, and international codes of agreement.
  6. Administer special funds and guarantee schemes, as may be placed at its disposal by the government or other institutions.
  7. Introduce customer oriented banking products, services and systems.
  8. Carry out all other conventional banking and commercial transactions (within the purview of the transitional commercial codes of Eritrea and other relevant fiscal and monetary directives, laws and regulations) in consistency with the mission of the Bank.


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